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Don’t fuck with me

This is great. You were very mature and explicit, as well as helpful in the ways that you could be. I don’t think you could have handled this any better than you did. 4 for you, Glen Coco.

I wish I could have stood up for myself in this way when I was a teenager


Threatening suicide to get what you want isn’t “borderline” abusive, it is abusive.

Men who do this have a very high risk of murdering whomever they’re trying to guilt trip when the guilt trip eventually stops working.

ironically hes joked about killing me before

That’s terrifying

I could never of been that sure of myself and protective of my own health when I was 14. What you did is wonderful and you should be incredibly proud of yourself.

This is very important, everyone. Also, if your partner ever threatens to hurt themselves, either because they, “feel so bad that they made you upset,” or for any reason, that’s abuse. They’re trying to manipulate you into not saying you’re upset with their behavior. “I love them, and I don’t want them to be hurt because of me, so I shouldn’t speak up, even though they hurt my feelings.” That’s a perfect example of emotional manipulation and guilt tripping you. If they threaten that they may die- either from suicide or a, “broken heart,” if you leave them, that’s abuse. You shouldn’t have to live in fear of your partner hurting themself of killing themself just because you want out of a relationship. If they don’t respect your choices, or especially if they don’t respect you, leave them. It’s not your fault.

Fourteen year old me is in freakin’ AWE.

Always glad to see teens refusing to put up with bullshit. Stay safe, OP. If his behavior doesn’t stop and/or you feel threatened, please don’t hesitate to tell someone you trust (who’s in a position to help).

Check this out, it’s a great way to say everything. I wish I had it four years ago. Might’ve saved me some peace of mind. 

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Today’s class doodles brought to by the letter “character development”.

Todays doodles are brought to you by- omg he said I’m sorry I didn’t see that over the phone.

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thank you for all the songs ´U ` I’m checking some of them right now and I’m loving them!
I’ll be needing them tomorrow to draw so thank you so much <u>

also this:

and this and this:


"I’m not even sure you’re joking anymore"

i feel like i stepped in on something… but i’m not leaving. why am i not leaving? 


3/3 of the 30 Reverse Storyboards I had to do for my Advanced Storyboarding class. Drawn from the film, The Fall.

can you tell that I was tired

Part Three of Bravebird is the best. 


2/3 of the 30 Reverse Storyboards I had to do for my Advanced Storyboarding class. Drawn from the film, The Fall.

Part Two of Bravebird is the best. 


1/3 of the 30 Reverse Storyboards I had to do for my Advanced Storyboarding class. Drawn from the film, The Fall.

Part One of Bravebird is the best. 

ladylazabath asked: What does suplex think of magic? Who is she more likely to side with, mages or Templars?


suplex has a pretty typical dalish disdain for how humans treat their mages & with the additional factor of growing up with merrill, she’d pretty much always side with mages in a mage vs templar situation (so long as the mages arent those evil blood slaver guys from tevinter?? but that’s a given i’d hope)

short answer: suplex would never side with nega-alistair

I’m already envisioning a terrible AU where Suplex is forced to hang out with Cullen and just stares at him disdainfully every waking moment and he’s just like “Bruh, I’m not a bad dude. I just kill people when it’s totally beneficial for them.” It’s like a sitcom, only there’s murder and darkspawn. 


Just a dumb lunch time doodle, but Tommy Stubbins from my Dr. Dolittle Disney assignment has always been one of my favourite characters to draw.

He looks like his great aunt’s ghost is constantly squishing his cheeks. What a wonderfully sad mix of hilarious and “I know your pain”. 


Guitar jam man lifedrawing

one of my favourite artists to see art posts from on tumblr. just makes you /feel/ like drawing. so much great stuff.